Cerused White Oak Wardrobe

The cerused white oak wardrobe is a terrific furniture piece to place in your foyer to be used as a coat closet.  The large oak wardrobe would look sharp in any office or you can outfit it with shelves to create storage space and utilize it in a family room.  In any room it will be a centerpiece.

The inspiration for the cerused white oak wardrobe is a confluence of many different elements.  17th and 18th century design elements contributed to the creation of this piece.  In its creation 251 craftsmen imagined who would have owned such a significant piece of furniture during this age of exploration and scientific discovery.  Our fictional owner is a ship’s captain who explored distant lands, collected scientific samples and kept journals of his travels and discoveries.  Our captain obtained this wardrobe during his many travels.  The captain’s cerused white oak wardrobe housed his clothing and other personal affects.  When the captain wasn’t sailing his wardrobe and its contents would be moved to his home until his next adventure took him to distant shores and new discoveries.  While the melding of these various images inspired the creation of this furniture piece we envisioned that the steward of this creation is a modern day version of our fictional captain, explorer, scientist and leader of people.

The approximate size of the cerused white oak wardrobe is 44″ (L) x 26″ (D) x  80″ (H).   Custom sizes are available.

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