Mango Coffee Table

A single live edge slab handcrafted from Mango creates a unique and distinctive coffee table.  The trapezoid base with a steel gray finish provides an unassuming foundation.

The mango wood was responsibly harvested by a family owned company that not only has sustainable environmental practices, but their commitment also extends to strong support for the local community.

Mango wood is considered environmentally friendly. Mango is typically produced on mango plantations, where the trees are only harvested for wood after there is no longer any fruit production. Typically new mango trees are planted after the old non-fruit producing tree is harvested. Thus, the cycle of life resumes while the carbon from the old mango tree is captured and stored in a beautiful piece of furniture.

The approximate size of this mango coffee table is 65 1/2″ (L) x 42 1/2″ (W) x  20″ (H).  Custom sizes, other wood species and other legs are available.

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