River Sunken Mahogany Coffee Table

Our River Sunken Mahogany Coffee Table features an unique steel base with a color case harden finish.  At times the steel bases appears to be black, but in the correct light you witness blue, green, red, burnt orange,  brown and black colors.  The color case harden finish is unique and subtle while still eye catching.

This mahogany log was pulled from the depths of a river where it probably rested for the past 100 years or longer.  The river sunken mahogany, also called sinker mahogany,  had reduced exposure to sunlight, oxygen and typical wood eating creatures.  If the wood was covered with silt it received additional protection from these elements, which is why this wood isn’t rotten.  River sunken wood is desirable due to its attractive color variation, durability, and sustainable benefits.  Since being pulled from the depths of the river this river sunken mahogany will now bring years of enjoyment to its current steward.

The approximate size of this river sunken mahogany table is 49″ (L) x 17-19″ (W) x  19″ (H).  Custom sizes, other wood species and other legs are available.

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